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How to create an amazing Poop Emoji Photoshop Composite with Shape-Lab?

Creating a one of a kind Poop Emoji Photoshop Composite in Photoshop!

Want to learn how to create a cool Photoshop composite? It has never been so easy. With Shape-Lab, a new collection of PNG image, you can now create an awesome texture to highlight your shapes and fonts. Let’s have some fun and create our own Poop Emoji in Photoshop!


#1 Choose and download a pack from the Shape-Lab Collection

Make sure the chosen pack contains two filling plates and individual PNGs, like this one:


2- Draw a vector shape or choose a font

In Photoshop, put it in “outline.” Apply a candy filling plate to your vector drawing.


3- Go around the edges with individual candies. And there you go, all done!

It’s that simple! Now you have a nice Poop Emoji! 🙂