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One click realistic shadow preset!

You can now install a Photoshop preset that will allow you to add realistic shadow in just one click!!!
This is an easy way to add shadow on any Premium PNG images from Layer-Lab.

*The preset works to Photoshop CC and later versions.

The file includes: 3 shadow presets, one for each lighting styles + 27 Free high resolution PNG images (9 x 3 lighting styles).

Our shadow preset is free with the purchase of 100$ and more.

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Download the shadow preset

Click on the image above or here to download the Photoshop preset for each lighting style do you want. Use your coupon code for have the free preset.

Install shadow photoshop preset


On Mac and Windows

Step 1. Unzip the file on your desktop.
Step 2. Open Photoshop.
Step 3. Go to “Edit” menu and select “Preset manager”.
Step 4. In Preset Type chooses “Styles” and press Load.
Step 5. Choose the .asl file in the folder you unzipped and click Open and then “Done” on Preset manager’s window.
Step 6. Go to the window menu and select “Styles”.
Step 7. Select the right drop-down menu on styles panel and choose large list.


1-Build your composition @ 72 DPI using high-resolution PNG always using smart objects. You are not limited to 72 DPI, it’s only part of the building process, please keep on reading.

If you are building a composition @ 300 DPI you’ll experience bad shadow effects, this due to a limitation of pixel size with LayerFx at higher resolution with Adobe Photoshop. See the shadow size chart 72 DPI to help you choose the right shadow depending on your PNG pixel ratio.

Once you’re satisfied with your composition @ 72 DPI, change the images size to 300 DPI or other resolution needed. Your shadows and your smart objects now will be resized and match the look at the new resolution you selected. You can always switch back from 300 DPI to 72 DPI to add or modify your shadows @ 72 DPI, which is the recommended way to get realistic results every time.


2- You can experience some memory problem with Photoshop when you add too many shadows. Right click on ‘FX,’ located on a layer and choose, ‘ hide all effects.’ This will speed up the computer while you finish to move and scale your PNG images. When you are done, simply right click on the ‘FX’ and choose ‘show all effects.’


3- Make sure to use the good shadows only with the good light. Ex: Classic shadow with classic light.
If you’re not sure of the lighting-style check the last 2 digits of any PSD or PNG files from Layer-Lab.

_LC = Classic light
_LN = Natural light
_LS = Sunlight



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