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Beauty Salon Design Inspiration with Layer-Lab’s Makeup PNG Images

Makeup PNG Images – The Beauty Salon Project

Layer-Lab is proud to introduce the Beauty Collection. It includes all kinds of makeup PNG images like lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish and all kinds of brushes. You can easily create a high-end advertising campaign like this one in just a few minutes. Pair them with some items from our Candy Collection for a fun, funky look!


This beauty salon project was completed in about an hour.


makeup png image composition




Yeah! That was fast!


Don’t worry, we’re no Speedy Gonzales and we don’t have superpowers. It’s just that easy using the Layer-Lab images. The cutouts are perfect on EVERY image, you don’t have to worry about that. We want you to focus on creativity, not on the pen tool or the magic wand…


Here’s how easy it is :

1 – Download your images

2 – Drag and Drop them on your composition

3 – Add some shadows

4 – Grab a cold drink and enjoy life!


We told you it was fast!


Still not convinced ? See it in action!

Discover our Makeup Collection for high-quality images, including :

-Nail Polish
-All kinds of brushes


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