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What’s your lighting style?

What’s your lighting style?

Looking for images on an image bank is so much fun! (not)

When working on a composition, the first step is always the same : you need to find some images. You need to look through thousands of photos, sometimes on several different image banks. It could take hours! And what about the lighting style?


As if that wasn’t enough, you could end up in a situation where the light is completely different from one photo to the next. Of course, they were taken by different photographers, using different equipment and lighting schemes. The cherry on top? They each have their own retouching style!!


It could make your work a living hell!


You’ll need to find a way to cheat with the shadows and highlights in order to create a realistic and natural composition. And even if you’re the world’s greatest retoucher, it’s quite a challenge!


Is the light going up or down, left or right? What’s up with the shadows ? Is this hard light or soft light ?


Uhhhh. That’s quite the puzzle you got there my friend!


Create with your own style, from start to finish.


When you use other photographers’ images on a traditional image bank, you have to adapt to their style and their lighting, their background, retouching style and so on. There’s nothing you can do. You’re just stuck with it!

It’s time for a change!


We are graphic designers too and we know how you feel! You’re a creative person and all you’re asking for is to express yourself. You’ve got your own style and that’s why your clients love what you do.


And these clients also have their own style. They worked hard, and they probably invested a ton of money in marketing and branding. You need to create visual content that matches the look they already have!


With our 3 different lighting styles, we offer you the possibility to apply the exact same look on every element of your composition. Remember, if you choose the same lighting style for every element, you can be 100% sure that they will be a perfect match!



How to choose your style?


Ahh! Here’s the big question! Finding your own style is far from easy. It’s a long process that could take years and unfortunately, we can’t really help you with that!


However, we can help you to find the images your clients are looking for. Finding out what their style is and matching it with your own creations will now be a walk in the park!


The secret is in the shadows!


Let’s say a client ask you for visuals to enhance their foodies blog. The first thing you should do is to go to that blog and look at the images. You will probably have to create something that looks like it, something that matches with their branding.


Your clients might also ask you to develop the style of their images. Watching different websites and images with them, you’ll be able to see what they like and what they don’t. Then, you’ll need to analyze the images they like and figure out why they like it and how you can use that to create something unique, just for them.

The last step is to analyze the shadows and to choose the lighting style that is the closest to what you’re looking to accomplish.





The Layer-Lab images and their lighting styles are just the starting point. Once your basic composition is done, you can do whatever you want. That’s when your style comes into play.  You can add filters and presets, play with colors, contrast, saturation. Sky is the limit!


This way, you can develop your own style, your own branding. You’ll have a look that belongs to you entirely. And even if you’re using the Layer-Lab images, you designs will always be unique. No-one can replicate them!



Have fun!

Layer-Lab’s team