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Traditional image banks VS Layer-Lab

Traditional image banks VS Layer-Lab!

When working on a visual, whether for an advertising campaign, packaging or just for a blog or a website, several options are available to graphic designers. The first, of course, is to hire a photographer to take the photos. This is not the least expensive option and let’s be honest, it’s not the most practical one either. So what do we do when time is running out and we have neither the time nor the budget to hire a photographer? We turn to image banks! 


Big image banks have an important advantage: volume. They contain hundreds of thousands of images, which is pretty amazing. But when you think about it, do they really offer you that much?


Here’s what image banks do NOT offer:



Images on large image banks have no personality. Most of the time, contributors try to create images that everyone likes to try to maximize sales. It often results in very generic photos.



This is one of the major flaws of large image banks. Anyone can buy any photo. Anyone could therefore buy exactly the same picture as you. What if it was a competitor? And what if it was a company to which you would not want to be associated with? If you really want your brand to stand out, you cannot afford to let others use the same images as you!


Your branding

This is where it gets tricky! You and your client have a branding that you are proud of and that has probably cost a lot of money to develop. By choosing the generic photos of unknown photographers, you’ll be stuck with a style that is not yours.


While it will probably work in the short term, it could be disastrous in the long run. You will later need pictures of a different artist and the whole look will be different! Your branding will change little by little over time and you’ll have to start all over again.


Customizable images

By choosing the photos of random photographers, you impose a style that is not necessarily what your clients are looking for. If the photo has a matte effect that does not match your branding or if you don’t like the color grading, you could be very limited.


Plus, you will be at the mercy of their composition. For example, you like this picture, but your text should be on the right. Too bad, this one doesn’t work! This one is good, but you need more space for your logo.


It might be possible to find the right picture, but you’ll have to work very hard in Photoshop to adjust it to your needs. A waste of time that could be very expensive in the long run! 


In short, even if the high volume and the low prices can make these image banks attractive, they have some disadvantages!


Are there other solutions? 


Well, yeah!


It’s called Layer Lab. 

The Layer-Lab images solve most of these problems. Of course, if you are looking for ‘lifestyles’ images of young people at the carnival, we may not be the image bank for you. On the other hand, for everything that is packaging and product advertising, we are years ahead of the competition!


Layer-Lab’s PNG images allow you to build a complete composition from scratch. Buy the images you need, place them on a canvas, add a background, shadows, a little color grading and BAM, you’re done. It’s incredible!


You have control over the composition.

Build your image as you wish. Easily create the necessary space for your texts, logos and products! You can then easily edit your image by moving the elements to adapt it to different templates in no time.


You have control over your branding.

The images we sell are simple and without special color effects. It’s your way of using them and the way you manage the shadows and the colors that will give them that look that matches your style. It’s impossible to go wrong.


Create your exclusivity!

Everyone can buy Layer-Lab’s images. But since you place them where you want in your composition and make the adjustments yourself, you do not risk seeing the same image being used by a competitor. Maybe someone will use the same lemon, but it will not do it on your background, with raspberries, cedar branches and a chocolate explosion, with a matte effect and an awesome logo. Your composition will be as unique as you, guaranteed!


In short, don’t trust the numbers. You’re better off with the perfect image than with a 100 000 useless images!


See you around!