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Create a Disintegration Effect with Layer-Lab

Disintegration Effect Made Easy!

You want to create a disintegration effect but you don’t know where to start? Why not try the layer-lab images?


If you can drag-and-drop, you can do it! It may look to good to be true, but it really is that easy! Our images are background-free, high resolution and the cutouts are absolutely perfect. We’ve managed to cut out hair, powder, dust, and all sorts of particles so you can now create things that were simply not possible before, like this amazing blooming deer project!!


And the most awesome part is, since all these images are ready-to-use, you’ll be done in just a few clicks!


Deer Dispersion Effect


4 easy steps


1 – Choose your images

2 – Drag and Drop

3 – Feather the edges

4 – Use PNG images to create the disintegration effect


See it in action!



Have fun,