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Improving your workflow – How to design better and faster?

Design better and faster

As graphic designers, our job is to create! We create ads, web content, labels, packaging and all kinds of stuff.
There’s always one thing on our mind : productivity! And the best way to improve you productivity is improving your workflow.


You know very well that time is money! You can’t afford to lose those precious minutes.


That being said, you can’t afford to be sloppy either. You still want to create quality work. So, there lies the question :
How can you create better design, and how can you do it faster?


Comparing Layer-Lab with Traditional Image Banks

We asked Vincent, one of our talented graphic designers, to create a magazine ad for some fictitious barber shop products.

He went through the process twice. The first time, he used the traditional method : buying images from a standard image bank and cutting them out. Then, he created the same composition using only the ready to use Layer-Lab PNG images.

See for yourself :

Improve your workflow with Layer-Lab

Comparison between traditional image bank vs the Layer-Lab images

Click here to see it in high resolution


First things first, the Layer-Lab image looks so much better. The cutouts are just perfect and the lighting matches throughout
the whole image. The lighting on every element is beautiful. 
But the most interesting thing about this comparison is how long
it took to create both these images.


Saving time… lots of time!

Our graphic designer saved a whole 2.5 hours using the Layer-Lab images. That’s a LOT of time. Have a look at those pie charts and see how you could improve your workflow drastically.

So tell us, what are you going to do with all that free time? Sure, you could just go for a pint or spend the afternoon cuddling your cat. BUT, you could also put this time to good use and work on another project. This could mean over twice the profit.


In this example, you saved a whole 2.5 hours. That means you can work on another project and generate 2.5 hours of extra income. If you’re charging 60$/hours, this means you can make an extra 150$. 


Better workflow = Lower Production cost!

When you use the Layer-Lab images, you should also consider the impact on the production cost. Lowering your production cost means more profit! It could also mean offering more competitive pricing to potential clients. You really can’t go wrong here…

Layer-Lab is proud to offer you the best of the best in PNG imagery. High quality images, ready to be used in any kind of project.
It’s pure creative Joy!


See cut out images of the Barber Shop Collection used on this Photoshop composition.


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