What is a
Premium PNG images?

1- Perfectly cutout photo on any background.

2- Super-high resolution PNG images for print or web.

3- compatible images, you can mix all photos together.

4-Three different lighting styles to create perfect mood.

Grapes Explosion

How does
it work?

1-First, choose a lighting style you need for your project.

Choose from 3 unique lighting styles : Classic light, natural light or sunlight. Select the same light style for every image to ensure a perfect match for your set-up.


2-Download, decompress and enjoy!

Download the .zip file, click to decompress and start your project. Yes, it's that easy!


3- Drag, drop and design!

Yep, that's it. Just drag'n'drop PNG files on a brand new canvas and let the fun begin.

We think using smart objects is awesome because you can scale up or down and still have top image quality.


• The Layer-Lab images are perfectly cut out PNGs with no background. They are available in high resolution (for print) or low resolution (for web)


• We create natural and authentic images. Imperfections and scratches are left "as is" because we believe they create more realistic results. You can retouch them as much or as little as you like.


• We apply a basic color grading to our images to make sure they feel as natural and real as possible. You can start from there and give it the tone that you want.


• Our goal is to give you access to inspiring images you can get creative with right now. Stop wasting time cutting things out in Photoshop, we know you hate it! Create something unique now! Have fun!

which light for which projects?

Lighting is the key element that defines an image personality and style. With 3 different lighting styles, Layer-Lab offers a wide range of possibilities. By looking at ads, fashion or food magazines and paintings, we created 3 lighting styles that are universal, timeless and effective. Each of them was created to help you create unique, one of a kind images!

Classic Light

classic light

The Classic Light is the most versatile one. It's a soft and even light, perfect for presentations, book layouts and magazine articles. With limited shadows and highlights, it's very easy to add some darkness or light in the areas that you want and shape the light exactly how you need it. If you are looking for an image that can fit pretty much everywhere, this is the real deal! It is the perfect lighting style for a clean, commercial look.


natural light

natural light

The Natural Light is definitely the most artistic of them all. It has been an iconic lighting style used by painters since the 17th century and it's still trendy. Foodies use bay windows as a light source to get that look for books and blogs.It also has this dramatic look that you need for movie posters or any visual project that needs personality and depth. It's great for advertising, book covers or packaging.



The Sun Light is an epic lighting style that emulates the outside world. It's great for top light compositions like sunset, sunrise, or moonshine. With high contrast and hard shadows, it's great for high-end products and luxury goods such as jewelry, makeup and perfumes. It's great for any project that needs a touch of 'chic' or that warm sunshine feeling. Try it with a landscape in the background, you won't be disappointed!


What is the difference between
solo, pack and compo?

Layer-solo PNG

Layer solo

Layer SOLO is one PNG image. Theses are images you want to use as your main subject inside your composition.

Layer-pack PNG

Layer PACK

A Layer PACK is a group of PNG images. They usually fit together under a theme or simply different variants of the same element.



Layer COMPO is a PSD composition with complete access to all the layers. You need a flexible solution for your project? This is it!

more layers, More deals!


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We are sorry to hear that! We are working hard to add great images and our collections are growing every day. Please get in touch and make your request. We are always on the lookout for new ideas and if what you need sounds like cool and unique, there are chances we will add it to our collection very soon. Tell us what you need and we will notify you when the images will be ready!



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